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With True Transparency Plan, You Pay What We Pay.

As always, we are thinking about what the best for our customers is, so we’ve developed our plan with no hidden fees or charges. You know what you are paying for right at your call and confirmed by our technician upon his arrival. You either pay one other cost depending on what is defected (more details below). With our plan you pay only for parts real cost (which most of them are available online) and pay for our expert service! 

So, what do you get with Air Rite HVAC True Transparency Plan? 

Standard repair or minor install tasks 

  • $199 + cost of parts and materials 

Heating & Cooling Major repair or installation tasks 

  • $599 + cost of parts and materials 

Before our technician fix the problem, upon his arrival, customer will be presented with a detailed list of possible problems which includes all possible parts that may be defected. After problem is diagnosed customer will know exactly what he is paying for the part and service charge. Not oldfashioned time and material. True Price. 

All parts and items utilized for service will be charged accordingly. 

Only 15% Of All Repairs Cost $599 + Parts

 Signing our True Transparency Plan, you will be eligible to our club membership privileges: 

  • 24/7 Emergency Service 
  • Discounted Rates 
  • Priority Call 
  • Free Technical On Site Visits 

There are 2 categories:

  • • $199 + Parts 
  • • $599 + Parts

It is almost impossible to diagnose a problem over the phone when you call. But we can say that 85% of those calls are on the $199 range and 92% of our calls request parts that cost $30 or less. As you can see these numbers are average but can give you an idea of how serious we take our service by tracking our numbers. 

Which category your HVAC problem is located we are only allowed to say after diagnosing is complete, but as mentioned before, you will receive upon technician arrival a list with all parts inside your HVAC system that may be defected and then your price is determined. Either $199 or $599 + parts. If other problems occur after replacement is done, you will pay only $99 plus parts. 

You are have probably heard of the term MARK UP. Well with our True Transparency Plan there is no mark up. You will pay what our supply house charges us for, COST PRICE. You can double check prices on the internet to assure you are paying the true cost of most parts.  

Member of the Air Rite HVAC Club?

 You will receive exclusive discounts! 

  • On the day of sale, you won’t pay a diagnostic fee and will have an additional discount on services. ($79 value discount). All nonmembers pay for diagnostic fee. 
  • Club members receive exclusive discounts. Only 1 applicable discount per standard repair task. 

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